Social Responsibility

We have always believed in adding value to lives. This is not limited to our clients and customers but extends to our social responsibility towards giving back to the society. Because growth in business does not operate in isolation but by supporting the environment for collective progress. We actively participate in uplifting the communities through various activities.

Creating sturdy solutions to strengthen communities through thought-led practices.

Making sustainable development a priority


Can you imagine that there are remote areas where clean drinking water might be a crisis? In order to address the issue and find a solution to some degree, we have built 500 drinking water stations across the rural areas of our country with the objective of enhancing the living standards in those areas.

More roots beneath the ground


We are aware that mining takes a toll on the ecological framework. So, as responsible citizens, we are committed to all the adequate measures that limit the contamination levels at our industrial facilities. Along with our vendors and customers, we actively help in reducing pollution, making use of recycled products wherever possible and engage extensively in plantation drives. After all, the future is either green or gone!

Extending opportunities to every child


The future of our country rests on our children. Yet, due to economic inequality and poor infrastructure, many children cannot afford basic education. Therefore, our attempt lies in making quality education accessible through activity-based learning and improving infrastructure for such children. Moreover, we also provide study materials to the specially-abled kids and to the kids in orphanages apart from helping them with the necessary requirements in their day-to-day life.

Nurturing nature & animals


We believe in constantly striving to better our surroundings by supporting the environment. Thus, we are making way for animal shelters which have a dedicated team of experts and medical professionals checking up on the health of animals alongside the caretakers and attendants at the premises.