Premium Quartz Surfaces

In Spain, Bajo Tierra means “beneath the earth”. Gliding through the layers of earth, Bajo Tierra unearths the finest quality of quartz for you.



Calacatta Series

A repertoire of elegance! The Calacatta Quartz Countertops embody strokes of delicate veining, an abstract mix of threads culminating into artistic brilliance. Crafted for the connoisseur of eclectic taste, they are the best quartz kitchen countertops that add personality to your décor inspiration.


Carrara Series

The art of perfection. The perfection of art. The Carrara Quartz is a masterful blend of the subtle and the spectacular! Readily available in prefabricated options for your designer quartz bathroom countertops, the thin and scattered strokes of visual storytelling in this quartz slabs series is awe-inspiring.


Chimera Series

The eloquence of craftsmanship! The Chimera Quartz Countertop designs simply redefine the identity of contemporary homes with its intricate set of rare colours and unusual patterns. These popular quartz countertops come in exotic patterns and they also make for exquisite quartz vanity tops.


Brillante Series

Flecks of the Spectacular! The Brillante Quartz Series features shades of pearls and crystals in meticulous design. The incredible finesse makes these quartz slabs a popular choice for installation as quartz vanity tops and quartz table tops.


Elegante Series

Unmatched Sophistication! The Elegante quartz slabs are a curious representation of 'less is more'. It is truly a delight in its avant-garde minimalist design language showcasing a pure, untempered, and clean look that makes for an awe-inspiring quartz backsplash.

color palette

Adding a touch
of luxury to living spaces

Combining impeccable craftsmanship, innovation, and the finest raw materials, Bajo Tierra brings to you premium natural quartz surfaces. Our products offer stunning elegance with unmatched durability that gives you years of flawless performance which you will love for life.

Bajo Tierra Promises

In carving out a luxury masterpiece, nuances matter the most. Therefore, our prefabricated quartz countertops are designed in order to ensure that you cherish the superlative luxury experience that you deserve.



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